What is it DashSports?

A real-time strategic prediction game for sports/e-sports, developed after analyzing the characteristics and strengths and weaknesses of Fantasy Sports in North America, Sports Gaming in Europe and eSports services over the past 4 years, which takes many real-time match data from actual sports/e-sports events and expresses them numerically by frequency and importance, finds a new scoring system, and most importantly, combines it with the "bingo game" already familiar to users around the world through the user interface to create a revolutionary real-time prediction game. The most important thing is to combine it with the "bingo game" that users all over the world are already familiar with through the user interface to create a revolutionary real-time prediction game.


Market solutions and key features

Users are able to have fun and be rewarded by watching sports/e-sports games on TV, online, mobile, or in stadiums, and participating in viewing games that are linked to their real time.

Disrupt the market with innovative features that take advantage of elements valued by Millennials, the future main customers of the sports/e-sports betting market, i.e. real-time interaction, more exciting and strategic game user interface & logic, optimized scoring & reward system, dynamic data visualization, etc.

Millennials value the fun they have while playing the game more than being rewarded by the outcome, and DashSports puts the emphasis on the fun of playing sports as it progresses compared to other games.

The world's first to develop real-time data updates for eSports, creating a viewing game (2nd Screen) that goes beyond mere live streaming services and brings new fun to users.

Pioneering the use of blockchain technology, issuing tokens (DASS) and creating a reward system on the crypto economy through tokens to invigorate the game of spectatorship.

The decentralized player grouping and reward system is built using blockchain technology through smart contracts and extended to P2P games, enabling a new system between eSports media, game developers, and advertising sponsors.


Real-time data

Sports real-time data updates haven't been in the market for very long, and eSports real-time data updates in particular haven't been in the market for very long.

Fantasy sports and Sports Gaming have been developed with Post Data, which is the end of the game for win/draw/loss rated results, and cannot handle real-time data that changes in real time.

Because in reality there are miscues and errors in real-time data updates, mistakes, repetitions, and other contingencies that occur, these need to be captured and handled, and contingencies cannot be captured through simulated data

Real-time bingo game logic

Fantasy sports, DFS, eSports games that use bingo have never been played before, and games with similar concepts have never been played before

In order to present real-time games as bingo, there is an analysis of what activities and even performances to include as bingo values, and there are necessarily many mistakes to go through in order to create the frequency and weighting of occurrences and scoring systems

And, each project looked different and needed to be developed separately. The games may look similar on the surface, but the logic of their internal composition is all different, and when it comes time to actually develop them, there are many things to discuss

Reasonableness of data

Enterprises that provide real-time sports game data each have different forms of data, so it must initially take some time to select a data provider, and also consider all the variables such as depth, price, and speed of data. It is impossible to determine if the data from that company is usable without going through the data validation phase beforehand (my company has also had interruptions in the process of introducing several companies)

A minimum of 1 to 2 quarters of investment is required in the process of finding companies to provide data for each project, and another 1 quarter of investment is required when designing based on the structure of the data because we were able to confirm its reasonableness during the development process

Latency handling for each media

Real-time broadcast media can be subject to delays, and the time it takes to broadcast live conditions can vary from media to media, even for the same game

It typically takes 10-15 seconds to transfer live video to a TV feed, and another 20-25 seconds to transcode and stream that video to the web or watch it on DMB - DashSports has conducted multiple simultaneous experiments with user-used media for data transfer, and over the past 2 years, we've gone to every stadium in the game. Over the past 2 years, we've gone to every stadium we've played in and experimented, and finally figured out a technical solution to the media latency

The conclusion is that in order to grasp and implement the logic of gaming within the DashSports platform, data analysis and field testing is required, and because of the need to bring in values for many scenarios, it cannot be emulated by others in a short period of time

Token development plan

total supply:1,000,000,000,000,000

When the Market of Cap < $1,000,000

When the Market of Cap ≥ $1,000,000

When the Market of Cap ≥ $3,000,000

When the Market of Cap ≥ $5,000,000.00,the V3 version will beupgraded,and DashSports V3 will start betting on global mainstream events. P2P betting on main chains such as ETH,BSC and TRX will be supported in the early stage,and more cryptocurrencies will be supported in the later stage.


Q1,2021preliminary project approval

Q2,2021start Presale and conduct marketing activities and airdrop activities

Q3,2021the V2 and V3 will be launched and listed on Coingecko and coinmarketcap

Q4,2021launch mobile phone APP ( IOS & Android ),and launch the BSC gambling with Sports events and E-Sports events.

Q1~Q2,2022sponsor some sports clubs or sports stars to seek more exposure

Q3~Q4,2022realize fully decentralized P2P sports betting through cross-chain protocol

2023Stay Tuned